Welcome to The Phenomenological Society, a community for modern existentialists who seek smart, discerning, seriously unserious content about philosophy, psychology, literature, and culture.

We make it our aim to pay reverence to the everyday—putting an immense amount of thought, intention, and awareness into the daily things that form our identities, experiences, and tastes, and to take our inward gaze towards a more connective community.

Through essays, interviews, conversations, events, recommendations, community notes, and curations The Phenomenological Society aims to cultivate a more conscious existence and, as they say, bring truth into being.

Each month you’ll receive some or all of the following:

  1. Essays that range from personal stories to cultural critiques, usually with the aim to understand what it means to experience our existence more viscerally.

  2. Existential Feasts: Think of this as your cultural prix fixe, a multi-course fête of film, music, literature, art, and objects that allows you to fully indulge in all the tasty themes that make up the existential life. Here we’ll deliver a menu of recommendations that will expand, challenge, frustrate, stimulate, and stir. A list of things seen! felt! tasted! lived! Sometimes from us sometimes from other keen and savvy existentialists (and not-existentialists) on what caught their eye and made them feel particularly embodied. Pictures included. Fun!

  3. “Existentially Speaking”: An occasional (probably 1-2 month) sometimes video sometimes audio podcast where we sit down and dive deep into existential crises—sometimes just the two of us spiraling and sometimes with smarter, more interesting, and funnier folks!

  4. Random Phenomena! We’ll try to follow the above template, but we also want this space to provide an experience rather than a rigid format, so look out for extras.

  5. The Gathering: (COMING SOON!) Once a month we’ll gather virtually to discuss various things. Sometimes we’ll recommend a book or movie and sometimes we’ll just discuss an idea. The goal here at the society is to make it experiential even virtually, so we’ll propose things to do, taste, smell, touch, see (etc.) ahead of time.

Founding members receive invitations to analog events. That’s right! Real-life (often themed) gatherings—dinner parties, park hangs, cafe meetups, workshops, you name it. Most of these will take place in New York City and Berlin, but other cities will pop up as well.

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The Phenomenological Society was founded in 2023 by Dr. Sara Kuburic an existential psychotherapist and author of It’s On Me (Dial Press, 2023) and Lauren Hall a writer and literary agent.

Merging their shared interests in literature, art, design, ways of meaning-making, and artistic communal renaissances, they decided to create The Phenomenological Society to create a space for existential conversations.  


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a community for modern existentialists who seek smart, discerning, seriously unserious content
Literary person in NYC.
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